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AutoLift AL-PP609 three vehicle storage lift

4,000 kg capacity
inc GST

Ideal usage: Designed for the home user and workshops

This three vehicle storage solution requires no pits making it a simple operation, which is both economical and practical. A single unit caters for 3 cars stored above each other. The equipment occupies a small space and is ideal for various parking lots such as home, office, car sharing, valet parking, car rental, and car service centres.

The platform is low profile, even with the two approach ramps in their overlapped lowered position, making it convenient for cars to enter and exit.

The car stacker features low maintenance hydraulic cylinder. Safety features include two stage safety lock device to protect against hydraulic creeping, to protect the safety of people and vehicles.

• Space saving and economical solution for car storage
• Simple operation controls
• Single unit suitable for 3 cars storage (no pits required)
• Easy installation, the lift is mounted direct to a concrete hardstand
• Ideal for parking lots such as home, office, car yards, valet parking, car rental and vehicle service centres
• Low profile approach ramps on top and button platform
• Low maintenance hydraulic cylinder with chain balance device
• High quality Italian oil seals
• Two stage safety lock device to protect against hydraulic creeping
• Optional fully galvanized construction, suitable for outdoor use.

• Lifting capacity: 2000kgs/ platform
• 1st platform parking cart size (L*W*H*): 5200*2100*1900mm
• 2nd platform parking car size: 5000*2050*1550mm
• 3rd platform parking car size: 5000* 2050*1550mm
• Overall height: 5600mm
• Platform width: 2200mm for 1st layer platform 2113mm for 2nd layer platform
• Total width: 2610 mm
• Per unit: 3 car parking


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