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AutoLift AL-ROSD - Rapid Operation Sectional Door

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Ideal usage: Workshops

An automatic door systems designed into a vehicle lift installation can be a critical element in determining the operational efficiency of the car parking system.
A significant safety feature to this system is its unique vehicle lift shaft and lifting mechanism, which must be closed to operate during the lifting operation.

A significant factor in the efficiency of a vehicle lift system is it's short cycle times for access to the vehicles. The major variable contributing to the overall cycle time is opening and closing times for the automatic doors fitted to each access aperture. Some vehicle lift installations will employ a conventional electric “roller” or “sectional” door system but the opening and closing times for these doors will compromise overall cycle time dramatically.

Our “AutoLift AL-ROSD” Rapid Operation Sectional Door system has opening and closing times of between 0.5 to 1.0 metres per second. This would significantly impact overall cycles times for any car parking project.

• Operating Cycle Times: Open: 0.5-1m/s; Close: 0.5-0.8m/s
• Motor: SEW (Germany)
• Door Construction: Advanced technology industrial fabric (European), with PVC viewing window
• Control system: Toshiba (Japan) Opto- Coupled Switching
• Frame: Q235
• Colors Available: Grey, Yellow, Blue Orange, Red, White


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